APRIL 2021:

After years of running around doing 3D photography, I finally called it quits.  Sold all the 3D camera rigs, and returned to a long-lost passion: Microscopic Imaging of Organic Crystallizations.  Trying to go back and redo this remarkable ABSTRACT SCIENCE AS ART, but now with GIGAPIXEL RESOLUTION.   Check out these first results.   More to follow.


SEPT 2020:

Video downloads made available.  Many award winning short productions.  Check out the Hart3D Video Collection.

JULY 2020:

1)  Reorganization of home page.  Addition of  REAL AND MODEL RAILROADS, the focus of John's videography May 2019 - June 2020.

2)  Additions to website images in several categories.



1) Major additions of stereoscopic imagery to most of the home-page categories, especially:   Fractals,  Canyons,  Mountains, Time-lapse, and Flowers.  Frames from many award-winning shows can now be seen here.

2)  Descriptions of John's latest major 3D efforts:  time-lapse stereoscopic astrophotography using motion control, and storm-chasing in stereo.



New 3D-DOWNLOADS page added.  Side-by-side stereoscopic 4K videos will be added periodically.  These free .mp4 files can be downloaded for home use on 3DTV or cell phones.  This replaces our old 3D-BluRay page.  These are no longer available.



MARCH 2016:

Free 4K side by side 3D 3 minute 30 second movie clip of the award winning Morpheos stereoscopic video.  It's a 3840 x 1200 30fps LR  .mp4 (with audio) that you can play on your Sony 4K Xperia Z5 premium phone, or on your 3DTV if it can handle the format.  To download the 1.3GB file right click and save this link as a file on your computer or phone:

                          MORPHEOS 4K VIDEO







African Wildlife.   Flat (2D) Photographs taken by John in Kenya, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and South Africa while on several do-it-yourself camping safaris to the African bush in the 1970's through early 1990's have been converted to 3D pairs by .  These are pretty good conversions, although as with any conversion if you look long and close enough at a still, you can always find at least a few minor places where the stereo-view may seem just a bit odd or a little un-natural.  Nonetheless it's great to be able to see these originally flat wildlife images in 3D.  There is also a book featuring descriptions of hiking and camping in the bush from back in the days when such activities were pretty wild and sometimes got a little hairy.

MAY 2015:

2D microscope video of the formation and coalescence of droplets in a thin film of volatile oil floating on water is presented.  This video won 3rd place in the 4'th annual 2014 Nikon Small World in Motion competition.  A related video of a horizontal soap film won an honorable mention in the same competition in 2015.



OCTOBER 2014:                                      

More examples of  microscopic crystal 'abstract art', heading towards gigapixel stitched images.  These are just preview images of the type of thing we want to do at higher resolution so one can explore both the global, and the fine, details.  Previews I  and Previews II.




AUGUST 2014:

Initial pages added to describe our latest (2014+) work in optical microscopy (mostly 2D, large format gigapixel stills and high definition video).  See the new  "MICRO 2014+" icon on the home page.






HTML5 stereoscopic viewer option with large thumbnail pages are added for all still photography.  More still   images appended in the fractals, micro-chem, high-speed, mountains, whitewater, and wildlife categories.

Use the  D  buttons to access this viewer from the home page.