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                                                               BEST of HART3D

       Unusual and innovative stereoscopic videos made from 2007 to 2020, including award-winning classics and all the latest. 

Astrophotography,  Microscopy,  Sports, Time-lapse,  High-Speed, Fractals, and six recent works on Real and Model Railroads.

This is a summary of the best of almost 15 years of John Hart's work in 3D video.

  # TITLES (click title for preview) Time               SUBJECT
 1     Alien Gardens       17 min     Strange and exotic flowers & gardens, on Earth and 'Other Worlds'. (2018)    
 2     Chasing Big Boy         12 min     The largest steam engine ever built, the 4014 restored Big Boy (2019).         
 3     Colorado Garden Rail     20 min     A tour of fantastic G-scale model train layouts in Denver.  Ride-alongs, Fly-bys. (2020)        
 4     Fast Life             13 min     Time-lapse 3D of nature and of sometimes absurd human activities. (2008)         
 5     The Home-Wrecker     7 min     High speed ballistics of paintballs, fired by a naive puppy-dog, hitting a Christmas tree. (2010)
 6     Jewels of Mountain Sky     9 min     Hummingbirds in the Rocky Mountains.  Mating and threat displays.  Natural history. (2008)    
 7     The Last Ride   10 min     A 73 year old stereographer tackles the famous Slickrock Trail in Moab. (2018)
 8     Life Over Under     7 min     An alternate geometry of nature, and abstract 'reflections of reality'.  (2017)                       
 9     Microscapes     5 min     Time-lapse of crystal growth.  Colorful structures imaged with polarized light. (2017)
 10     Miniatur Wunderland     26 min     The largest model railroad in the world.  Hundreds of trains, thousands of figures. (2019)          
 11     Morpheos   15 min     Transforming & morphing fractal flames (transparent  fractal plasmas). (2010)
 12     Morpheos Reloaded   16 min     Travels in the fractal dimension, featuring the latest hybrid Mandelbulbs.  (2013)             
 13     NeoMorpheos   10 min     Further studies of the evolution and morphology of fractal flames.  Meditative. (2011)            
 14     Nevada Northern RR                14 min     Steam-ups, in-cab action, and the story of the restored Nevada Northern railroad. (2020)      
 15     Restoration Rail 1              17 min     Restored relics of the age of steam.  Classic night action and a de-rail of the J611. (2020)         
 16     Restoration Rail 2                  13 min     Mountain rail with nights in Durango &  steam-punk geared locos of Cass. (2020)     
 17     Skylight     9 min     Wild days and Starry nights.  Astrophotography time-lapse and storm chasing  3D. (2018)
 18     A Soap Film     4 min     A rock video featuring chaos and turbulence on a thin membrane of soap. (2017)
 19     Sonora Air Safari     8 min     Para-motoring over desert towers and hills in Arizona.  3D "Chase Cam". (2017)
 20     Stop-Time 3D   10 min     High speed ballistics (.17 to .50 caliber, sub and supersonic).  Splashes. (2011)                   
 21     The Way Up   21 min     The Albuquerque Balloon Festival:  dynamics, mechanics, meteorology, action. (2018)         
 22     Wicked Liquid     9 min     Stop-action stills and 3D video of down-river and rodeo kayaking. (2007)                          
 23     WilDDDlife     6 min     Wildlife shot with very long lenses in the '70's.  2D converted to 3D. (2011)                          

* Four Formats:  4K OU vertically squished (3840x2160), HD OU vertically squished (1920x1080), SxS (3840x1080).  High- Quality mp4's.  HD OU vertically squished, lower bit rate (24Mbps).


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If you have a Sony Xperia XZ or Z5 Premium 4K  phone and use a viewer for 3D (like Matej Bohac's, Cyclopital, Owl lenses, etc.), you need the SxS (side by side)  3840 x 1080 version.   Download and copy files to your phone's internal memory, or an installed micro SD card (external cards must be formatted FAT32 for the android operating system, so files loaded to it must be 4GB or less).  Copy >4GB files to the phone's internal memory.  Use the Sony phone's video player app.  SxS files (1920x1080 each side) should also work on other devices like tablets that accept this format.

Example of how to play to a computer screen, side by side or cross-eye, with Stereoscopic Player.

   a)  Open Stereoscopic Player on your PC  (or PC enabled Mac). 

   b)  Open the video you want to play (FILE, OPEN FILE).  Stereoscopic Player will ask you for the 'Stereoscopic Input'.

            Select: Over/Under  Left Image on Top.

            Under the FILE menu, Select  'Aspect Ratio' and choose  'Default Half Height.'

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            To go cross-eyed  Click the R<->L button.   Click again to go back to parallel viewing.   Popular viewing methods are side-by-side  (left on left), Cross-eye (right on left), Anaglyph,  Monoscopic. 


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 5) The music on these videos is licensed for distribution by All the above restrictions apply to the music as well. To use the music for any purpose other than in playing these shows, a new music license for each song  must be obtained from shockwave-sound.

Thanks, John Hart,, July 2020.