Flat panel TV's capable of playing 3D content were popular from ~2010 - 2017.  They were made by big companies like LG, Sony, Samsung, and Panasonic.  For those who were fortunate enough to obtain one of these (or who may yet find new old stock, refurbished units, or used units), many of John's award-winning short videos are available to play on these. 

The videos are 3840 wide by 2160 high, 30fps, with licensed sound tracks.  Each frame contains a pair of 3840 x1080 (vertically-squished) left and right files in the over-under (left on top) arrangement.  This is the preferred format for playing on 3DTV's.  The high-quality (low compression) mp4's are loaded onto a 64Gb USB 3.0 flash drive that can simply be plugged into the USB input on the TV and played without any skipping or judder.  What could be easier!  Plug and Watch!!

If you don't have a 3DTV, you can still play these files on other devices attached to your computer by reading them into the program  Stereoscopic Player, and configuring the Player settings to be compatible with your display.   An example of a typical Stereoscopic Player setup is given below.

Here is a list of the material that is available, with the memory size (in gigabytes) and play-time for each:


  # TITLES (click title for preview)    SIZE Gb                   SUBJECT
 1     Alien Gardens           NYA (18)   17 min     * Strange and exotic flowers & gardens, from Earth and 'Other Worlds'.    
 2     Fast Life                        10   10 min     * Time-lapse 3D of nature and of sometimes absurd human activities.         
 3     Fractals Forever       13      13 min     * Introduction to the mathematics of fractals.                                              
 4     Fractal Menagerie       14   11 min        Animated Mandelbrots, bulbs, boxes, and fractal flames.                                   
 5     The Home-Wrecker        7     8 min     * High speed ballistics of paintballs, fired by a naive puppy-dog, hitting a Christmas tree.
 6     Jewels of Mountain Sky       10     9 min        Hummingbirds in the Rocky Mountains.  Incredible 3D.    
 7     The Last Ride        9   10 min        73 year old John tackles Utah's Slickrock Trail with an electric assist mountain bike.
 8     Life Over Under        6     7 min     * An alternative geometry of nature, and abstract 'reflections of reality'.                         
 9     Liquid Magic       13   13 min     * Close up high-speed photography of liquid drop collisions & splashes.                       
 10     Liquid Thunder       17   17 min        Down the Grand Canyon by Foot, Dory, Raft, and Rope.
 11     Microscapes        5     5 min        Time-lapse of crystal growth.  Colorful structures imaged with polarized light.
 12     Morpheos       14   12 min     * Transforming & morphing fractal flames (transparent IFS constructs, or fractal plasmas).
 13     Morpheos Reflected        8     8 min        Solid and gaseous fractal morphology and evolution with reflection symmetry.                
 14     Morpheos Reloaded       16   16 min     * Travels in the fractal dimension, featuring the latest hybrid fractals.  Quite exotic.              
 15     NeoMorpheos        9   10 min     * Further studies of the evolution and morphology of fractal flames.  Meditative.             
 16     Skylight  NYA (9)   10 min        Wild days and Starry nights.  Astrophotography time-lapse and storm chasing  3D.
 17     Skyline and Scree       14     9 min     * Riding around a G-scale outdoor model railroad with eyes 1/8" apart.                        
 18     A Soap Film        3     4 min        A rock video featuring chaos and turbulence on a thin membrane of soap.
 19     Sonora Air Safari        7     8 min        Para-motoring over desert towers and hills in Arizona.  3D "Chase Cam".
 20     Stop-Time 3D        8   14 min     * High speed ballistics (.17 to .50 caliber, sub and supersonic).  Splashes.                    
 21     Streaklight Sonata        6     7 min        Long-time exposures and time-lapse of various light sources in motion.
 22     The Way Up       16   21 min     * The Albuquerque Balloon Festival:  dynamics, mechanics, meteorology, action.         
 23     Wave Riders        8     9 min        Arkansas River extreme kayaking and a rodeo rafting competition.           
 24     Wicked Liquid        8     9 min     * Stop-action stills and 3D video of down-river and rodeo kayaking.                           
 25     WilDDDlife        6     6min          Primarily 2D-to-3D conversions of 2D wildlife imagery from Americas and Africa.

NYA   =   Not yet available.   Anticipated release Aug. 2019.    *  These have (as of 2019) won national and/or international awards.

1,2,3,4,5,7,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,22,23,24 are full motion videos.  6,9,10,20,25 are motion-animated stills.  8,21 are mixed video & stills.

Click the show title  for some frame-grabs from each show.  Use back (Windows  alt left-arrow, Mac command left-arrow) to return.



1)  Pick up to 58 Gb (no more) of videos you want.  Fixed Price of  $60 includes a SanDisk Ultra USB3.0 64Gb flash-drive, loaded with your videos.

2)  Email (see CONTACT) the list of shows you have chosen by numbers  (e.g. 2,14,17,22  would be 56Gb total), along with your shipping address.

3)  We will email you back with payment instructions and a delivery time (usually a few days).

4)   After you complete payment of $60 by PayPal, we send you the drive by USPS Priority (included in price, within USA).  For INTERNATIONAL

         ORDERS, the price including customs forms and shipping by air is $75.



1)  Just plug it into the USB socket on your 3DTV.  Make sure you select 3D mode of Over Under Half Height (or over under vertically squished).

     A menu of File Names, usually with thumbnail images, should appear.  Select the show you want to play and enjoy.

2)  To play on device other than 3DTV,  use a PC with software designed to drive various displays (computer screen, projectors, ...).

     The best software to do this is STEREOSCOPIC PLAYER, which runs on PC's.  Windows 10 has the necessary codecs for mp4 decoding.

3)  Example of how to play to a computer screen, side by side, cross-eye, with Stereoscopic Player.

   a)  Open Stereoscopic Player on your PC  (or PC enabled Mac). 

   b)  Open the video you want to play (FILE, OPEN FILE).  It will ask you for the 'Stereoscopic Input'.   Select: Over/Under  Left Image on Top.

            Under the FILE menu, Select  'Aspect Ratio' and choose  'Default Half Height.'

   c)  Under the View Menu, select your desired output format, e.g. Side by Side, Left Image First.  Hit the play button on the bottom bar.

            To go cross-eyed  Click the R<->L button.   Click again to go back to parallel viewing.   Popular viewing methods are side-by-side

            (left on left), Cross-eye (right on left), Anaglyph,  Monoscopic.