Here you will find some short stereoscopic side-by-side 3D videos that can be played on any viewing device that accepts side-by-side mp4 files.  These files are 3840 pixels wide by 1080 or 1200 pixels high at 30 frames per second.  Each frame contains an HD (or better) left view, and a separate right view, with the left view first (on the left).  They can be played on some stereoscopic-enabled 3DTVs (either HD and 4K) and are especially good on a 4K phone (like the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium) with an attached viewer (like the View-Vaster).  To download the typically 1.5GB .mp4 files, right click on the BLUE UNDERLINED LINK (below) and do a "save this link"  to your computer or phone.   For personal use only, please.

For full-length versions of these and many other 3D award-winning videos, visit the 3D Video Store.

MORPHEOS TRAILER  4K VIDEO :  Fractal art in motion, in the trailer for the award winning Morpheos stereoscopic video.






MICROSCAPES :   Slowly growing microscopic crystals (photographed with a magnification of 12X to 50X) are formed by cooling a mixture of low-melting-point organic chemicals on a microscope slide.  Dynamic 3D Art.     


A SOAP FILM :   Dynamics of a thin liquid soap film, a few microns thick, contained on a ~1cm diameter ring.  Set to rock music, the widely varying and surprising structures (for a soap film) make for a zappy stereoscopic art piece.  Coming Fall 2017.



Earlier there were some 3D Blu-Rays made, but these are no longer available.  These videos are now available on flash drive, see 3D Video Store.  


  The MORPHEOS Trilogy (2013) 

Consisting of meditative and mind-expanding videos of morphing and transforming mathematical fractals, this collection contains the 12-19 minute shorts:  Morpheos, NeoMorpheos, The Fractal Menagerie (describing and illustrating a host of fractal genres), Fractals Forever (an introduction to fractal mathematics), and Prof. Hart's last effort in 3D video, Morpheos Reloaded  (all together totaling ~92min, with brief descriptions here).  

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HART3D Video Sampler (2013)

A collection of award-winning 3D shorts using high-speed photography, time-lapse, and stop-action.  A wide range of subjects includes ballistics, adventure sports, and nature (totaling about 53 minutes).  This volume contains the titles shown below (with brief descriptions here). 

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