This gallery contains several Albums representing different subjects shot with varying techniques of 3D photography. You can visit any album and look at 3D versions of the images using an embedded HTML5/JavaScript viewer.  The viewer is courtesy of Masuji Suto (the accomplished author of StereoPhotoMaker and other useful freeware 3D applications).


To view still photographs in 3D using the viewer

1) Click on one of the home-page images in a given category (see the Gallery Contents page for descriptions).

2) This launches a thumbnail page that shows all the 3D pictures available for that category.

3) Click on any image to go into 3D.

4) The 3D viewer allows you to advance or backup through the category images, change the viewing format (crosseye is the default), and resize if needed. A brief description of the 3D Viewer's controls:

  a)  The Control ToolBar at the top permits one to Swap left and right views, look at still images as 2D's (Mono), in 3D-Parallel (Para), using Crossed-eyes (Cross), or using a single-Mirror viewer.

  b)  Various types of anaglyphs (color-filtered left and right views using special, typically red and cyan, stereo glasses) and Interlaced (Int) formats that are useful with certain display hardware, are also supported. Viewing Methods gives a brief description.

5) To EXIT  the 3D Viewer  use your browser's BACK keystroke to return to the homepage.  For Windows this is typically Alt - LeftArrow.  For Mac this is Command - LeftArrow.

To view VIDEOS

Videos are accessed via the YouTube 3D viewer using the links supplied.  The YouTube viewer, as of 2018,  will only play in red-cyan anaglyph format.  For this you will need red-cyan glasses.

The other option for seeing videos in better resolution and in higher quality formats is to download mp4's directly from this website.  These are suitable for playing on a 4K phone (like Sony Xperia Z5, or similar), or for direct input into a 4K 3DTV (like an LG LCD or OLED, circa 2016 or earlier).  For full-resolution, full-length videos check out the STORE.