HTML5 Stereo Viewer

This viewer does not require Adobe Flash.  I does use Java Script.  Buttons actuate modes and advance the pictures:

Previous       Previous image (or use left arrow, or drag mouse left)

Next             Next image (or use right arrow, or drag mouse right)

CrossView    Dropdown menu for stereo viewing methods (active method shown)

   Parallel             Parallel or wide-eyed viewing (small images work best if you can do it)

   CrossView       Cross-eyed

   Anaglyph          Color Anaglyph (Red/Cyan)

   B&W Ana        Gray Anaglyph (Red/Cyan)

   HorV Interlace  Row or Column Interlaced (for certain TV or monitor screens that support this)

   Single                Mono single image view

   Parallel 50         Parallel View with horizontal resize down to 50% width.    

L-R       Swap Left/Right images

Zoom    Fit (to window) or use + and - to zoom.  Or use mouse wheel.