Browser Setup for viewing 3D YouTube videos, as linked on this site.

October 2014:

Due to various browser incompatibilities and other issues, the 3D settings (the gear button) on YouTube videos has been problematic.  Often the 3D format controls don't work, so that your only salvation is to download the native horizontally-squished side-by-side video and play it on your computer though a program like Stereoscopic Player (

In order to get the 3D Settings to work online, for the following browsers, you may need to:

INTERNET EXPLORER:  Block cookies from  Hit the Gear icon, Internet Options, Privacy, Sites, Address =  and Block

FIREFOX:  Delete or block cookies from  Open Menu (upper right corner, bars icon), Options, Privacy, Remove individual cookies, or "Firefox will" [use cookie settings for history], Exceptions = block

GOOGLE CHROME:  While in Chrome go to the Disable Youtube HTL5 Player extension and add it to Chrome by hitting the + Free button.  Customize Chrome (upper right hand bars icon), Settings, Show Advanced Settings, Privacy, Content Settings, Manage, = block  (to block youtube cookies).

Hope that works!