Soap Film Interference Patterns *

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*   IMAGE NOTES:  Reflected light Olympus microscope.  10X to 50X (5X, 10X, and 20X NeoSplan objectives, 2.5X photo eyepiece).  Images 1-21 (first 5 rows, plus 1) are of a horizontal film a little over 1 cm in diameter.  A wide variety of patterns emerge as the viscosity of the film is varied.  High viscosity leads to 'ropes' and quasi-stationary patterns, while low viscosity favors active edge vortices.  Images 22 - end are of vertical films, again with varying viscosity.  The last five pictures show the setups.  Illumination is by fiber light pipe (for selecting objects to photograph, and shooting the videos) and electronic flash (for still exposures with the DSLR camera).  A few of the first 12 use differential interference contrast, and a couple others (27 - 29) have been hue shifted for artistic effect.  Otherwise the exotic interefence and DIC colorings are essentially what one sees looking into the scope.