Oil Film Interference Patterns *

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*   IMAGE NOTES:  Reflected light Olympus microscope.  10X to 25X (5X and 10X NeoSplan objectives, 2.5X photo eyepiece).  Images 1 - 11 with differential interference contrast (DIC), which gives an indication of surface elevations.  1-8 are a very low viscosity high volatility silicone oil floating on a thin water layer.  The rest, except the last 3, are mechanically thinned layers of high viscosity low volatility oils over water.  The last three photomicrographs are oil based ferro-fluid floating on water.  The final two pictures show the setup used to make the stills and the video clips.  Illumination is by fiber light pipe (for selecting objects to photograph, and shooting the videos) and electronic flash (for still exposures with the DSLR camera).  The two light sources feed into the RMA illuminator via a 50-50 anti-reflection coated beamsplitter.